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TransylvaniA - TonY GatLIf (2006)

a pedido de nuestro buen amigo stefanitoooooo que HACE SUS PETICIONES por messenger ahi esta pues, disfrutele con su grupillo de cinema al otro lado del MONTE, entao a gente se ve, xaucitooooooo.
Screenplay: Tony Gatlif
Cinematographer: Céline Bozon
Editor: Monique Dartonne
Production Designer: Brigitte Brassart
Sound: Philippe Welsh
Music: Tony Gatlif, Delphine Mantoulet
Principal Cast: Asia Argento, Amira Casar, Birol Ünel, Alexandra Beaujard

Tony Gatlif's cinematic world is unique. In each of his films, he paints a compelling portrait of a most particular universe which has its own distinct codes, mores and conventions. For his latest work, Gatlif moves beyond his adopted France to Transylvania, in the heart of Romania, as he tells a story of an obsessive love and a woman's search for her lover. The beautiful, dark and haunting Zingarina - played by the sultry Asia Argento, who exudes a vulnerability and quicksilver temperament perfectly suited to this role - finds herself in pursuit of the man she loves. She met this passionate musician in France but one day, inexplicably, he abandoned her, leaving her confused - and two months pregnant. Accompanied by her protective soulmate, Marie (Amira Casar), Zingarina throws herself body and soul into this trip, venturing into the strange, forbidding foreignness of the mythic territory of Transylvania. What she finds there is like life itself: surprising and full of the unexpected. And we are encouraged to take this journey with her. Roma life is rootless and unencumbered, but it also demands a certain kind of bravery. This is a strange and unsettling place but also one full of compassion and humanity. When things take an unexpected turn, Zingarina discovers that to be free she must rid herself of ties and connections to her past. Only then may she really experience the possibilities that come her way and that promise her a new way forward. Zingarina is the first female protagonist in Gatlif's cinema and she opens new horizons in his work. Ultimately, this film hinges on Argento's performance, and she is a revelation playing a character who both wears her emotions on her sleeve and trusts those feelings absolutely. Wilful and brash, bold and independent, she holds our attention and dominates this film. And then there is the music that, as in Gatlif's other films, informs and shapes this very different terrain that he knows so well and allows us to share. It is the music of life: passionate, melancholic and joyous.

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